2020 Club Registration Information


Welcome to Bosco Netball Club for the 2020 netball season!  Registrations and payments for the 2020 Season will be online this year and are open from 02 January 2020.  Junior registrations close 16th February, Senior registrations close 17th February and Net and Set registrations close 5th May. Any registrations received after these dates will only be considered if needed to fill teams.


Net * (Skills only) Players turning 5 – 7 (born 2013 – 2015) and Set (Skills & Modified Competition) **

Players turning 8 – 9 (born 2011 – 2012) Register here



*Bosco Net begins Friday 1st May at Dobell Road Netball Courts and runs until the end of Term 2.


**All Net and Set players will receive via the post a Suncorp participant pack consisting of:

    - a size 4 netball 

    - Suncorp NetSetGO t-shirt

    - a Healthy Habits activity book

    - Suncorp Super Netball collectable player cards


All New Set players will receive a Bosco uniform for the season thanks to generous donation from Bosco BASC.  This will keep the cost of buying a new uniform to a minimum for new players.  


Junior Players turning 10 – 17 (born 2003 – 2010) and Seniors - Players 18yrs+  (born 2002 and before)

Register here


Summer Comp Register here


Current players

All current players/members have a personal player ID number.  It is important to use your player ID number when you register to avoid duplications.  You can look up your player ID and your password using the prompts on line. 


New players

All new players please register on line using the links above.  For those needing to give photos and or birth certificates please attend the registration evening on Monday 10th February 2020 at Bosco College Theaterette between 6pm – 8pm.



Players whose photos are more than 3 years old and NEW competition players require 2 passport photos.  Please bring them with you on registration day.



It is essential that senior teams have a contact person who can be relied upon to check emails and pass on information to team members. The team contact should download the block team form from the website and complete the names of players in your team and email to the senior registrar before registration day.  This is in addition to each player’s individual registration form which must be completed. Senior teams (18 years & above) must have a minimum of eight players and a team contact in order to register with SSNA.



Uniforms will be available for purchase on registration day and are also available when completing the online registration form.  When choosing your size, please state your usual dress size.


Uniform Prices

Skirt $45          Top $45           Socks  $8        Hat $6      Scarf $5     Hoodie $40      Hair Ties $4    Beanie $5


Please text any uniform enquiries to the Uniform Coordinator Kim Tudjman 0408 940 101


Active Kids Rebate

Bosco Netball Club is registered for the 2020 Active Kids Rebate.  The rebate re-commences on 1 January and can be used against Net/Set/Junior registration fees. 

You will need to claim the voucher in advance to use against your Bosco Netball registration.  Information about claiming vouchers, including an instructional videois available on the SNSW website.


2020 Registration and Playing Fees

All fees are due at the time of registration and should be paid on line.  





Net 5 – 7 (born 2013 - 2015)

Online Registration Form



Players turning 8 - 9 (born 2011 - 2012)

Online Registration Form ** Club will provide a club netball uniform from BASC donation**




Players turning 10 – 17

(born 2003 – 2010)

Online Registration Form

** Players turning 10 and any new players should attend registration evening and bring Birth Certificate & 2 coloured passport photos **




Players 18yrs+

(born 2001 and before)

On line Registration Form

**Birth Certificate & 2 colour passport photos for all New players. Seniors can use their photo licence**



**Please note that if you have previously played for a club in Sutherland Shire Netball Association within the last 2 years you will NOT need photos or birth certificate (unless you are turning 10). 


Fees include association registration fees, court electricity costs, coach insurance, manager insurance, umpire insurance, youth centre levy, equipment and presentation items.


A processing fee of 0.31c fixed charge and 1.78% variable rate will be applied to all on line payments.


By registering you are committing to abide by the Rules and Policies of St John Bosco Youth Centre Netball Club, SSNA and Netball NSW. Please be aware that once you have registered with our club there is no refund to the Netball NSW portion of your fee, after midnight 28 February 2019. No membership refunds will be given where a member has made a Sports Injury Insurance claim during this period.  An administration fee may be charged for any cancelled registrations.


Junior Grading

Club grading is for all 8 - 16 year teams and will be held on Sun 16th Feb 2020 at Anzac Avenue Indoor Sports Centre, Engadine


15/16 yrs in 2020                    9:15am to 10am

12/13 yrs in 2020                    10am to 11am

14 in 2020                               11am to noon

10/11 yrs in 2020                    noon to 1pm

8/9 yrs in 2020                        1pm to 2pm


Reserve grading day Friday 21st February 2020.  The above time slots are preliminary and may be subject to change.You must let the club know in writing if your child is unable to attend the grading days.


In addition to our club grading, all 10 year old teams are required to attend practical grading by the Association at Bellingarra Netball Courts on Saturday, 7th March from 9am-noon.  CLUB UNIFORM TO BE WORN.  All 16 year old teams are required to attend practical grading by the Association at Bellingarra Netball Courts on Saturday, 29th February from 1pm.


Whilst our club makes grade recommendations to SSNA for teams, the Association makes the decision as to the actual grade the teams are placed in.


NOTE: The Grading Committee makes the decisions on team selection.  Any correspondence about disputes must be directed to the Secretary, in writing within 24 hours of teams being posted to the Bosco Netball website.


Coaching and Manging

Anyone interested in coaching or managing a team are requested to contact our coaching coordinator.  It is essential that all coaches and managers have internet and email access and that they read it regularly.  Furthermore, we expect that coaches and managers pass on information about club events to players and parents.


Team Equipment bags are distributed at the first Club meeting on Wednesday 4th March 2020 at Engadine RSL at 7.30pm.



All players between 13 years and 18 years are invited to train as umpires.  The club will help you with gaining experience as an umpire.  Please be aware when registering your daughter that during the season you may occasionally be called upon to umpire a game. Please contact the umpires convenor or tick the interested in umpiring on your registration form.


Canteen Duty

Canteen Duty is allocated to each team at least once per season.  Even if your team has a Bye on that day, your time slot will need to be filled.  We ask that parents please be mindful of volunteering a small amount of time once a year to fulfil this role.  It is not the responsibility of the Coaches/Managers or Committee Members to fulfil this obligation.  Please make your team Manager’s role easy by volunteering your time on that day.


PLAY DAYS FOR 2020 – See Calendar of Dates for full details


Saturday, 28th March              1st Day of Play

Saturday, 15th  August            SEMI FINALS: JUNIORS TO 18YRS

Sunday, 16th  August              SEMI FINALS: SENIORS

Saturday, 22nd  August            FINALS

Saturday, 29th August             GRAND FINALS                    



Go to http://www.ssna.asn.au/ and click on the calendar link for full play day details including no play weekends as well as scheduled Sunday wet weather catch up day.  There are weekends designated as no play days to allow for family holidays.




All communication is via email, facebook (like us at St John Bosco Youth Centre Netball Club) and the club website (www.bosconetball.com.au).  It is essential that players register with a valid email address, and if the team contact changes email address during the season, they notify the secretary of any change. 



Committee Members 2020


Amanda Masset


0433 846 935


Ellen Tudjman

Vice President

0435 364 534


Raelene Ryan


Website/Social Media

0408 729 470


Ethan Tudjman


0466 802 619


Kim Tudjman

Uniform Coordinator

0408 940 101


Margaret Lenarduzi

Equipment Coordinator

0411 104 758


Natalie Sammut

Net/Set/Junior Registrar

0405 228 140


Margaret Lenarduzi

Net/Set/Junior Registrar

0411 104 758


Nicolette Bell

Seniors Registrar

0400 499 804


Natalie Sammut


0405 228 140





  1. Register and pay online
  2. Attend Rego Day if you need to purchase uniforms, provide your birth certificate or passport size photos
  3. Tell others.  Contact your team mates and make sure they know.  Bring a friend or two!
  4. Like us on Facebook
  5. Attend grading day
  6. Get fit and ready for a great season of fun and competition.